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What our clients say about us?

  • I'm sure you don't realise what a great comfort you have been to me over the last three years. I so much appreciate just knowing you are there to turn to for some common sense advice when my head is spinning after speaking with "so called" professionals!
    R.F, Woronora Heights

  • Your perfectionism in both management and total care shows through. We could not ever imagine going to any other practice.
    G.D, Blakehurst

  • Christine is wonderful. I trust her implicitly, she will never sell you anything you don’t need and I appreciate that. She is very approachable and has been up to date on all current research for conditions I have seen her for – she takes the time to explain everything and will look for a solution. I see her in conjunction with my GP. She is absolutely practical and won’t tell you to do anything you cannot do. I recommend her to all my family and friends.
    Melissa, Sutherland Shire

  • I have been a client of Christine's for almost 20 years, after my 1st consultation to deal with mild depression. The natural remedies, together with her counselling equipped me to overcome the challenge and build my resilience for the future. Since that time, I have sought her advice around diet and natural supplements to help with a busy career and family life. My wife and teenage son have also seen Christine for a range of conditions, all of which have delivered positive outcomes.
    M.W, Picton

  • I have been referring clients to Christine for about 10 years. Christine’s knowledge, experience and professionalism are the reason I recommend her to clients, friends and family. I would never refer to someone I would not use myself, therefore I also see Christine for my own personal health. You don’t feel like she is trying to ply you with mountains of medicines and tablets to take. Just sensible, straight forward, no nonsense treatment with a lot of care and consideration.
    Roslyn, Caringbah

what other health professionals say about us?

  • I've known Christine professionally for 6 years. She has a genuine care for her patients and she always wants to offer her patients the best value and quality supplements and herbs that she knows will have good therapeutic outcomes. She is a very patient, caring, ethical and practitioner. I'm always happily greeted with her big friendly smile on every visit.
    E. Trepanier, Nutritionist, Bachelor of health science

  • When I first started my Kinesiology practice in 2001, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to refer clients to Christine for Naturopathic assistance. Over the years, I have become even more appreciative of her level of dedication to her patients, her wealth of knowledge and her focus on mind body wellness. In recent times, the scientific world has become more aware of the importance of our digestion and cellular health, which is the basis of Naturopathy. Thankfully, Christine has offered my clients the benefits of clinical research with practical, down to earth, strategies to support whatever our clients need to balance or heal.
    Synara Chandler, Kinesiologist, Dip Kin, Dip BT

  • As a health professional I am forever aware that my referrals to other health professionals are a direct reflection of myself. I am very discriminating and wouldn’t ever to refer to someone who I wouldn’t be prepared to see myself or send my family to.
    Kieran Rooney, Physiotherapist

  • I have had a long-standing working relationship with Christine, spanning over 17 years. Christine is unique and a stand-out when it comes to the level of genuine respect to which she addresses any health concern - allowing for the most private of health issues, approachable. Her knowledge is always up to date and her suggestions are practical, making improvements to diet and lifestyle, achievable and successful. For Naturopathy enquiries, Christine is always my first choice practitioner, in referring my clients to.
    Sheryl Lommerse, Remedial Massage Therapist, DRM

  • I have known Christine for some years now. We are both dedicated to providing quality natural health care, and share a common philosophy... "continue to study and do whatever it takes to help our patients"
    Chris Bishop, Acupuncturist

  • I have worked with Christine in an integrative fashion for over twelve years. It has been brilliant to coordinate our specialities to achieve increased well being for our mutual clients. Christine has a wealth of knowledge but more importantly each client reports feeling heard and cared for . Most clients remain under Christine's care as a safeguard to achieve lifelong health well after their health crisis. It is the confidence I have in referring to Chris that stands out for me... Clients never fail to report an ease of service and well researched information into their presentations.
    Deena Thompson, Counsellor & Psychotherapist

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