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  • We stock a full practitioner dispensary, including herbal medicines, homoeopathic remedies, Bush Flower Essences and vitamin/mineral supplements. 

    We prescribe only the highest quality natural medicines that meet TGA requirements, have guaranteed potency, and are formulated to contain therapeutic levels of the required herb/nutrient. This ensures you are receiving the best quality, at the right dose, for the period of time you require treatment.

    Christine regularly reviews the natural medicines available to practitioners to ensure her patients receive the best quality supplements that are safe, effective and well priced.
  • Christine Youssef
    Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist & Homoeopath
    Phone: 02 9501 0326


  • BODY

    PURE FIJI... the South Pacific secret for beautiful skin.

    For ultimate skin nutrition and products that truly hydrate and repair the skin, you can't go past the Pure Fiji range.

    The botanical ingredients in Pure Fiji, such as the blend of nut oils are wild- harvested. The leaves and herbs are collected by hand and distilled fresh on site for each batch produced. 
    The organically grown nut oils - coconut, dilo, macadamia, and sikeci are cold pressed at the source so they remain exceptionally high in essential medium chain fatty acids. The nut oils contain vitamins A, C, B, and E so are rich in antioxidants. 

    We stock most of the BODY range including shower gels, exotic oils, body butters, and gift packs from $18.50. The fragrances are unbelievably devine and not overpowering - from coconut, white gingerlily, guava to orange blossom, it's worth trying our tester range to see what aromas attract you. Best of all, we sell our range at 10-20% below the RRP - BONUS!

    • Pure Fiji
    • Body butter $32.95
    • Hydrating Body Lotion (350ml) $32.95
    • Soap gift pack (6 soaps mixed scents) $24.00
    • Coconut Sugar Rub $43.95
    • Nourishing Exotic oil (90ml) $19.50
    • Shower Gel (236ml) $19.50
    • Gift packs from $18.50 (include combinations of above)


Tired of legging it all over town to find specialty food items. Christine spends a lot of time testing and tasting ( someone's gotta to do it) a variety of food products to make sure they meet the nutrition mark as well as be affordable for everyday enjoyment. We stock organic coconut cream and milk, xylitol for all your baking needs, and the delicious Paleo bars by Blue Dinosaur (the macadamia lemon is my current fave).

We also stock the BPA free Enviro range drinking bottles in great colours for just $12.00 - I promise you they are the best child's drinking bottle I've ever found, and a brown rice protein powder for the dairy intolerant among you, and yes, this one is actually nice! We can also special order items for you such as herbal teas, organic nut butter, as well as large quantities eg tubs of 40 Bounce Balls, or 12 tins of organic coconut milk, 1 litre containers of coconut oil etc.

    • Organic coconut milk 400gm $2.95
      Organic coconut cream 400gm $3.95
    • Organic nut spreads $10.00
    • Tea Tonic Gourmet tea chest (32 Assorted unbleached tea bags) $27.00
    • Xylitol from $14.00 - $44.00
    • Enviro drinking bottle (BPA free) 670 ml $12.00
    • Organic brown rice protein powder (vanilla) 1kg $55.00

Order or enquires can be made 7 days a week vie email christine@healthinourhands.com.au, phone 02 9501 0326 or in clinic at your next appointment.

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