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  • Christine Youssef
    Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist & Homoeopath
    Phone: 02 9501 0326


  • Plants have been used as food and for healing for centuries. In fact, many pharmaceutical drugs are made from active compounds found in plants. The advantage of using the whole plant is that side effects are minimised, and often a better result is achieved due to the synergistic action of multiple constituents.

    Herbal medicines are specifically combined for an individual, with the aim of correcting imbalances, and resolving both acute and chronic states of dysfunction.

    Herbal Medicines are available in liquid or tablet/capsule form, making it easier to decide what suits you best. We also have a wide range of alcohol-free, fruit based herbal medicines that are suitable for children, pregnant women, people with liver problems, and those who abstain from alcohol for religious reasons.

    Some herbs have a negative interaction with pharmaceutical drugs, so please let us know exactly what medications you are taking when you come for your visit.

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