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  • Creating change can be a challenging journey to take. With the guidance of a professional counsellor, life's crossroads can be faced with calmness, clarity, and confidence. If you are feeling unfulfilled in a relationship, overwhelmed by life's challenges, or simply need to learn new ways to manage 'life stuff', then working with a counsellor allows change to become an enlightening and rewarding journey.

  • Individual Counselling:
    Deena works from an Emotionally Focused framework. This focuses on emotional awareness, regulation, expression and integration of a well nourished ‘emotional self’. The modality looks to coach individuals in sharpening their emotional antennae, being actively in charge of their emotional regulation and expression and teach self-reflection and mindfulness, as tools to build personal integration.
  • Relationship Counselling:
    Deena is trained in the Emotionally Focused approach to couples Counselling. In working with couples, Deena will lead couples to experience and work with their styles of relating that are problematic. She considers issues that intrude into the couple’s life and works with the couple to manage these. Each partner’s emotional experience, expectations and boundaries are taken into account and then the rebuilding of more loving and satisfying ways of relating takes place.

    To restore balance to your emotional life, contact Deena.

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