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  • Lets gently slide into the new year with a reminder of all the things in life that make us feel well and happy...
    • 1.
      Move more - start off gently if you haven't exercised before or have had a break over xmas. Some walking, yoga, pilates, stretching, golf, swimming
    • 2.
      Eat lightly - for the first couple of weeks in January, stick to fruit, salads, steamed veggies, veggie juices, grilled fish, natural yoghurt, and lots of filtered water and herbal teas
    • 3.
      Eliminate well - exercise, fibre, and fluids will help move your bowels if they have slowed down over the festive season
    • 4.
      • Stay connected - xmas/new year is often busy with social events and "keeping up appearances". Re-connect with people and healthy habits that you know keep you happy and balanced
    • 5.
      Self nurture - not just as a new years resolution but always. Massage, making time for friends, walking on the beach, craft, fishing...whatever "fills your bucket"
    • 6.
      Avoid harm - excess alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, unhelpful patterns/life choices are just obstacles that make our path unecessarily difficult. Seek counselling, read self help books, attend lectures, speak with your pastor/minister...
    Most of all, honour that which is most precious - your emotional and physical wellbeing. Make choices you know help not harm, and accept that it takes effort to get there. Let us never take for granted the amazing things our bodies do for us everyday!
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