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    • Can you tick several of the below statements?

    • 1.
      1. I had repeated courses of antibiotics in my childhood
    • 2.
      1. I have digestive problems - wind, bloating, sluggish bowels
    • 3.
      1. I crave sweet foods and carbs
    • 4.
      1. I feel sick all over - physically and mentally, but I haven't got a diagnosis of anything and my GP tells me all my tests are normal
    • 5.
      1. I often feel vague, foggy, spaced out 
    • 6.
      1. I feel tired most of the time so can't find the energy to exercise
    • 7.
      1. I have skin rashes that won't go away
    • 8.
      1. I feel irritable and depressed for no particular reason 
    • 9.
      1. I have muscle/ body aches and pains 
    • 10.
      1. I've been on the oral contraceptive pill for a few years

    • These and many other factors may be due to an overgrowth of Candida albicans - a common yeast that normally lives in the body, esp the intestines and vagina. 

      There are herbal medicines and a specific dietary protocol to eradicate Candida and regain your physical and mental health, it takes 12 weeks, but as hundreds of my patients will tell you, it's worth the effort, and you'll be truly amazed at how good you will feel.

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