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    • The 5 best ways I know to get back in shape fast!

    • 1.
      1. Cut out alcohol, fruit juice, soft drinks - stick to filtered water, herbal teas and veggie juices this month and you'll feel slimmer, sleep better and glow.
    • 2.
      1. Keep up the fibre for good bowel habits - fresh fruit (2/day), veggies and salads (7-9 serves/day), flaxseed meal, brown rice, legumes, oats, and quinoa, can help keep the bowels regular and help bind toxins to excrete them out of your body. You'll feel lighter, less bloated, and more energetic.
    • 3.
      1. Move more - walk, swim, dance, box, cycle 4-5 times/week- get the heart and lungs pumping and muscles working. While I encourage people to do yoga, Pilates, and other passive activities, it's important to ramp up the intensity if you want to reshape and shed some kilos.
    • 4.
      1. Intermittent fasting - the 5:2 diet or allowing a 14-18 hour window of no food 2/week initially but most days if you like it...can make a huge difference to your new year kickstart. For more info on this please see my previous enews on this topic.
    • 5.
      1. Get connected - seek a health professionals advice if it's too overwhelming or you need to stay accountable. I'm back on board Jan 9, 2018, and ready to fire up your belly with the motivation and information you need to make some sustainable changes.
        Phone and email consultations available for return patients ( $45-$55), so there's loads of opportunities to get in touch, and get your body and energy back.

    • Let's get off to a great start in 2018, and set up good nutrition, exercise and mental health habits.

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