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  • From 2019, the government plans to remove all natural therapies (including but not exclusive to Herbal medicine, Bowen therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Naturopathy), from health fund cover.

    Again, the natural health industry is the target - the medical mainstream, including the Australian Medical Association (AMA), fails to see the value of PREVENTATIVE medicine.

    People like you and I who spend our valuable time and money exercising, eating well, managing pain and stress with yoga and other body work, taking supplements or herbal medicines to aid our sleep/ digestion/ immunity/ allergies/ mood, and the numerous other ways we self care. By doing this, we keep ourselves out of the doctors surgery, away from the surgeons scalpel, and far from the hospital ward - all things that cost the government and the tax payer billions of dollars each year.

    So it doesn't make any economic sense to remove natural therapies from private health funds, and it limits the publics choice of health therapies. 

    This email from Henry Osiecki outlines this issue more succinctly and provides a link to a petition if you decide you'd like to offer your support.

    There are many ways we can get the message out there (social media, local MP's, Health Minister, etc) that this proposal is short-sighted, economically unsound, and not representative of the Australian publics acceptance and use of natural therapies.

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