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    • There are a variety of Paleo diets around but they're all basically high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate. 

      There are some pitfalls that I'd like to outline here...

    • 1.
      1. Too much meat
        Most people following the Paleo diet are eating way too much meat. Modern meat, unless it's organic, grass-fed, is potentially a source of antibiotics, genetically modified grain and other toxins. Too much red meat is associated with increased risk of some cancers ( eg colon), constipation, and an internal over- acid environment.
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      1. Not enough vegetables and fruit
        These foods are our biggest and best source of antioxidants- not meat! They are a great source of fibre ( think bowels, hormone and cholesterol absorption, healthy gut microbiome environment).
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      1. Pseudo-Paleo 
        If your regularly sneaking in some chocolate, bread, pasta etc then your body won't achieve the 'reset' that Paleo often facilitates, and your weight could balloon.
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      1. Paleo couch potato 
        Ancient tribes walked for miles to hunt and gather food. Transporting and butchering meat also provided a workout. So pulling out our wallet to buy a Paleo Brownie is in no way comparable - weight bearing and endurance exercise are necessary elements to any Paleo diet, any eating plan in fact.

    • Please remember that not one diet plan suits everyone's needs. Our nutrient needs can vary greatly depending on our age, activity levels, existing health problems, ethnicity etc. If you're confused about what to eat for your metabolic type and general health needs, then seeing a Naturopath can bring simplicity and clarity to your food choices.
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