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    • Bowen Therapy - what is it?
      A series of small, gentle rolling moves done on the skin, using fingers or thumbs. It can benefit the muscle, fascia (the lining around muscle, ligament, tendon, blood vessels, nerves), and lymphatic system (drainage and detox). Bowen utilises a cross fibre muscle release technique but is able to treat tendons, ligaments and nerves due to its effect on the fascia.
    • Bowen Therapy - what can it do for me?
      So much...whether it is acute pain (eg whiplash, muscle strain/sprain, sciatic pain) or a chronic issue (eg tendonitis, headaches, anxiety, frozen shoulder), Bowen can address the pain and discomfort in a gentle, non- invasive way. Clients often respond after one treatment, but may need up to 3 sessions for complete resolution.
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    • For a comprehensive list of problems addressed, please CLICK HERE.
    • Bowen Therapy - why haven't I heard of it before?
      Bowen therapy was developed in the 1950's by Tom Bowen in Victoria. He initially treated his wife for her asthma, but over many years treated football players, the elderly, children and everyone in between for various injuries and health problems. His observation and palpation (touch) skills, combined with a sequence of specific moves on the body, saw him treat thousands of clients for problems that other therapies couldn't address (eg coccyx pain, restless leg syndrome) right through to complaints that were not responding to traditional body therapies such as massage. It is becoming more well known as people experience the benefits of a therapy that is "no pain, all gain"...
    • On a personal note... I have been having Bowen Therapy for many years now and have always found it relieved my low back, hamstring, and neck pain when nothing else would. The relief is usually within 1-2 treatments, and it would be long-lasting. It is my "go to" treatment when I have specific pain issues, and when my stress levels need attention!
    • Bowen Therapy - I'd like to try it, what can I do?
      • SPECIAL OFFER for all new and current clients of Health in our Hands.

        Easy... Call 95010326 or email Christine... christine@healthinourhands.com.au for your Bowen Therapy appointment. For 16 weeks only - October, November, and December 2016 and January 2017, Health in our Hands has a "buy 2, get 1 free" offer for you.

        You pay $150.00 ($75.00 per treatment, and receive your 3rd session free) - this is an introductory offer to familiarise our clients ( new and current) to a therapy that they want to know more about or try as something different to their usual treatment.

        Alternatively, a great Xmas Gift for a loved one - gift vouchers available. Also, Health Fund rebates available...
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