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  • As part of a Naturopathic consultation, I ask people to record a 4 day food diary and to keep it as normal/typical as possible. I then take a good look at it and see where we can improve, change, adjust things - not just the actual food, but perhaps timing of meals, ratio of carb:protein:fat, the amount of alcohol or water etc.
  • Here are the 5 most common diet mistakes I see...
    • 1.
      Filling up on cereal or bread for breakfast - processed, refined carbohydrates are nutrient poor, contribute to belly fat and can make us feel tired.
    • 2.
      Eating too much meat - I am seeing a few food diaries lately with meat at both lunch and dinner. This is too much animal protein and can put stress on the kidneys and contribute to poor bowel health. Ham, bacon and other processed, smoked, and charred meats contribute to colon cancer.
    • 3.
      Drinking too much alcohol - I advise 4 alcohol free nights per week, and no binge drinking. I'm pretty happy with NO alcohol in fact, but if people really want to drink, then the best quality red wine they can afford or small amounts of gin or vodka. Alcohol interferes with the sleep cycle, contributes to weight gain and some cancers, as well as burdens the liver detox process.
    • 4.
      • Not eating enough veggies (or eating mainly white potato, corn). I recommend 7-10 serves per day of veggies either as veggie juice, salad, soups, steamed, or raw. And as many greens as you can stuff into you eg broccoli, spinach, kale, herbs, cabbage.
    • 5.
      Inadequate fats - I think most of us are still afraid of eating fats! I'm talking virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, organic butter, avocado, nuts and seeds, ghee. Healthy fats are essential to hormone production, brain health, nerve cells, transport of some vitamins, taste/texture/satiety.
    • Getting your diet right for you can be tricky and there is no one size fits all. However, there are some basic things that work well most of the time for most people. But if you have issues with your thyroid, weight, migraines, arthritis, are pregnant/breastfeeding etc, then of course it would be best to consult with your Naturopath to tailor your diet.
    • Enjoy the wonderful fresh produce that we are lucky to have in this country!
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