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  • With all the high protein diets around... Paleo, Atkins, Dukan and the rest, it is quite confusing knowing how much protein is enough.
  • Excess dietary protein can lead to high blood sugar levels, weight gain, kidney stress, reduced bone minerals, and dehydration. Yes, we actually need protein to help preserve muscle tissue (esp as we age), for brain function, hormones, enzymes etc, but there is an upper limit to how much protein your body can actually use.
  • In clinic, I am finding people sit at either end of the spectrum - too low or too high, ie, not eating enough, or eating too much protein.
  • So what is enough? For most of us who are not pregnant or competitive athletes, then 40-70gms per day is adequate. So an 85gm serve of meat or seafood PLUS a 1/4 cup of nuts, PLUS 2 eggs would get you to approx 46 grams of protein for the day. You can simply google different foods, and get a quick protein content for each one to see where you sit with your protein intake.
  • If it all gets too hard or confusing, you can call me - just remember we are all different (gender, activity levels, ethnicity, age, body fat levels) so an individualised approach is always best.
  • Don't forget your legumes... sorry Paleo fans!
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