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  • If you have experienced fatigue for several weeks to months, then you definitely need to see your Naturopath to figure out why, and make some moves to regain your energy.
  • Common drivers of fatigue include:

    -   overwork/ chronic stress
    -   nutritional deficiencies due to alcohol, poor diet, medications
    -   inactivity
    -   poor sleep
    -   toxicity (dietary, environmental, lifestyle)
    -   unhealthy body composition (fat:muscle)
    -   mood disorders
    -   post viral syndrome
  • We need to get your Krebs cycle fired up... to produce ATP and maintain healthy mitochondrial function you need adequate levels of iron, carnitine, lipoic acid, CoQ10 (esp if you are on statins to reduce cholesterol!), magnesium and B vitamins.
  • We need to check your thyroid is working... is your TSH above 2.5? If so, it could be moving into an under-functioning state and your fatigue will not budge unless it gets help.
  • We need to get you sleeping better... there are some crucial issues regarding room temperature, blood sugar levels, electro-magnetic
  • radiation, light, noise, shift work etc that can be adjusted to get you sleeping well again.
  • Stress management... if you aren't sure if your stress is impacting on your energy, read up on the adrenal glands and the effect of cortisol and DHEA on the body. This is a massive obstacle to health and wellness if its not managed well.
  • There are many ways natural medicine can lift your energy levels naturally and finally farewell unrelenting fatigue.
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