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  • Flax is found in many forms like ground (meal), whole seeds, oils, and as a ready to eat ingredient in breads, crackers etc. Besides the fibre and omega 3 fats in flax, the compounds attracting most attention are the LIGNANS found in flax. Flax is the richest source of lignans compared to other foods such as berries, vegetables and legumes.
  • Research suggests that lignans may play a protective role in breast, prostate and bowel cancer. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial on 39 women with newly-diagnosed breast cancer, found that after 39 days of 25grams (about 2.5 tablespoons) of flaxseed, the women had reduced cancer cell spread at a rate similar to the effects shown with tamoxifen (Breast Cancer Res Treat 64:50,2000).
  • For constipation and sluggish bowels, flax meal is my fibre of choice. It adds bulk to the stool without irritating the bowel wall or causing a lot of wind and bloating (that wheat can do in some people). It is of course naturally gluten free, contains health omega 3 fats, and is a good sourceAdd it to smoothies, yoghurt, porridge, in baking...it has a pleasant nutty taste and can be purchased from health food stores (it isn't expensive...bonus!). Please keep refrigerated.
  • Shall we call this one a Superfood? of non-animal protein.
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