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Looks like the traditional carbohydrate cereals are getting the bootie from babies diets.

Professor John Funder, Endocrinologist and Obesity Australia chief, believes the best foods for babies are mashed vegetables and mashed protein like liver pate. He believes children fed high carbs, high salt, high fat diets will have their brain wired to desire these foods for the rest of their lives.

  • While I agree that rice/wheat/corn based cereals are too high in carbohydrates, the issue also is that they contain little/no healthy fats or protein. Organic butter, ghee, virgin olive oil, cold pressed coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, eggs and oily fish provide an abundance of healthy fats and protein which are more important nutrients than carbohydrates for brain and nervous system development, immunity, and growth.
  • Of course we need to look at introducing some things first and other foods a bit later but generally, I see too many babies and young children being fed cereals, crackers, bread, "plastic" cheese, and too much fruit/fruit juice/pureed fruit.
  • For an approach that focuses on nourishing, nutrient-dense foods, I recommend www.westonaprice.org for reliable information that busts some nutrition myths or a visit to your Naturopath who can help guide you to choose what foods when, for your baby/young child.
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