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  • My jaw dropped when I came across an article recently reporting on the research done at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I had learnt about the link between earlobe creases and heart problems back at Naturopathic College 20 years ago - and now there is research to confirm it! The study of almost 11,000 people aged 40 years and older found that those who had 3-4 ageing signs had a 57% increased risk of heart attack and a 39% increased risk of heart disease.
  • The ageing signs reported were...
    • 1.
      A receding hairline at the temples
    • 2.
      Baldness at the crown of the head
    • 3.
      Earlobe creases
    • 4.
      • Yellow fatty deposits around the eyelids ( found to be the strongest predictor of both heart attack and heart disease)
    "Individually and combined, these signs predicted heart attack and heart disease independent of traditional risk factors" says Professor Tybjaerg-Hansen. Note that the key word here is "predicted" not caused! These findings were presented at The American Heart Associations Scientific sessions, 2012 and have yet to be peer reviewed for publication.
  • Interestingly, our bodies very often display signs of deficiency and ill-health long before a blood or urine test can pick them up - for example, white spots on the fingernails, coated tongue, brittle and dry hair/skin/nails, bruising easily, etc. The physical signs of the body (including the iris), can often provide clues as to possible early signs of illness - I often spend time "looking people over" and discover things they have forgotten to mention, or areas of potential problems.
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