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  • In his book, Healing the new Childhood Epidemics, Dr Kenneth Bock, M.D provides some safer options when choosing to vaccinate our children (and yes, it is still an option). Here are some of the guidelines he provides:
    • 1.
      Postpone a vaccination if your child is unwell, has a fever, or was ill in the past week.
    • 2.
      Do not give your child the flu vaccination as this contains thimerosal (a mercury derivative, which is neurotoxic).
    • 3.
      Do not agree to the administration of the hepatitis-B vaccine on your child's day of birth, or shortly thereafter. This vaccination is only appropriate on the day of birth when the mother is hepatitis -B-positive.
    • 4.
      • If your child appears to have an adverse reaction to a vaccine (such as symptoms similar to those of a mild illness), contact your GP immediately, and be very cautious about administering further vaccinations. It may be wise to wait until the child is a little older, and has a more fully developed immune system.
    • 5.
      Maximise your child's immunity naturally by breastfeeding, feeding them wholesome, nutrient rich foods, and consider supplements to support their immune system before and after a vaccination - speak to your integrative GP/Paediatrician or Naturopath for more information about these.
    The book I mentioned above is a fantastic read, and covers the 4 - A disorders (Autism, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies), including interesting case studies. It is available for purchase from the Mindd Foundation (www.mindd.org.au).
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