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  • December and January can be full of temptations with the abundance of food and alcohol - if it's not a family function, it may be a work celebration, or simply munching our way through festive leftovers. Here are a few practical tips to avoid feeling sluggish and heavy through this time.
    • 1.
      Most parties are not at breakfast so keep this meal light and protein rich. I suggest some poached eggs with lots of green, herby things (eg parsley, rocket, asparagus), or a protein shake (I like the Iso-whey range, our Protain powder in clinic, or Body Science in the retail arena), or greek yoghurt with some berries and a small handful of nuts.
    • 2.
      Hydrate as much as possible with purified water, herbal teas and veggie juices to help recover from the alcohol intake.
    • 3.
      Avoid the salty, fatty nibblies and just wait for the main meal.
    • 4.
      • Load your plate with salad if its buffet style, so there isn't a lot of room left on your plate for much else.
    • 5.
      Choose alcoholic drinks you can dilute down with lots of ice, tonic or soda water.
    • 6.
      If you know you have a function on the Saturday, then eat a little less on the Friday and Sunday.
    • 7.
      Give away leftovers to family and friends as they leave your home, or to your neighbours.
    • 8.
      If a guest asks what they can bring, suggest a fruit platter, or an apple strudel, a fruit and cheese platter, or some strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.
    • 9.
      Keep up the fibre and water so that your bowels keep moving - nothing like over-indulging and being constipated all at once!
    • 10.
      Keep up or start some regular exercise - this will keep your bowels happy, your metabolism pumping, and your mind refreshed.
    Most of all, enjoy the company of friends, family, and colleagues as we celebrate this special time of year - food and drink is part of that, but thankfully not the only thing that brings us together...
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