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  • I recently attended a conference on "Stress and Disease" and one of the speakers, Dr Jim Bartley spoke about correct breathing and its health benefits.
  • During stressful times, we breathe more rapidly and mainly in the upper chest. If this breathing pattern becomes more permanent due to chronic stress, it can cause our bodies to stay in an unbalanced and hyperstimulated state.
  • Quiet, diaphragmatic breathing uses about 3%of the oxygen in our body, whereas hyperventilation uses up to 30% of the oxygen in our body. There is a body of evidence that shows that by slowing and deepening our breathing, we put our body into a meditative state. People who meditate increase the levels of serotonin and DHEA in their bodies. Both are recognised as having antidepressant action. Nasal breathing also increases lung capacity, improves oxygenation and exercise tolerance, and may help alleviate TMJ pain.
  • Ahh, I'm feeling more relaxed just talking about it...
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