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  • Well, I would have to say ORGANIC butter, especially if you intend to heat/cook with it. However, butter does not contain the healthy "ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS" (as in oily fish), so please use sparingly. Also, consider cold pressed organic coconut butter - excellent tolerance to heat, and additional health benefits re cholesterol and anti-microbial activity.
  • For spreads, I would suggest avocado or virgin olive oil. I think Dr Udo Erasmus sums up the margarine story well..."In making the oil used in margarines and shortenings, we [have] already removed all proteins, all fibre, about 95 to 99% of all minerals, 65 to 100% of all vitamins, almost all of the lecithen and phytosterols...in addition, some toxic substances have been formed" (Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, 1986, p.106).
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