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  • Christine Youssef
    Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist & Homoeopath
    Phone: 02 9501 0326


  • Couples who would benefit from natural fertility programs and pre-conception care:
    • 1.
      Normal, healthy, fertile couples who want healthy babies.
    • 2.
      Couples with infertility or sub-fertility including problems with sperm, ovulation, PCOS, thyroid dysfunction (Thyroid self-assessment), insulin resistance (Insulin Resistance self-assessment), obesity.
    • 3.
      Couples with a history of recurrent miscarriage.
    • 4.
      Couples wishing to maximise their chances of success with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology eg IVF).
    • 5.
      Older couples wanting to improve the quality of their eggs and sperm.
  • We suggest a 4 month program for BOTH partners to make the required changes re diet, lifestyle, natural medicines etc, and to benefit from those changes.
  • Naturopathic pre-conception support greatly increases your chances of a successful, healthy pregnancy. It also optimises the healthy development of your baby, and can help in the post-natal period also.
  • The practitioners at Health in our Hands have personal and professional experience in dealing with a variety of fertility and pregnancy issues, including IVF, and post-natal depression. We have 10 children among us!

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