christine youssef


Phone: 02 9501 0326

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

$120.00 - Initial Consultation (75 mins)
$85.00 - Follow up Consultation (30-40 mins)

Email or phone Consultation
(after initital face to face visit)
$60.00 - Short Consultation (up to 15 mins)
$70.00 - Long Consultation (up to 30 mins)

All Health Funds rebate on Naturopathic Consultations.

Principal Therapist: Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist & Homoeopath

  • Christine started in private practice in 1996. She specialises in Nutritional Medicine for a wide variety of health problems in women, men, and children. It is vital that the body and mind are nourished well before they can perform for us like we want them to, and as they should.

  • Naturopathy is not "alternative" medicine - it is simply a different system of treatment that focuses on optimal wellness and preventative medicine, rather than just the absence of disease. That is, even without the diagnosis of a disease, you may still feel tired, unwell, stressed, bloated, suffer with recurrent infections, feel hormonal, or have aching joints. Your choice to seek Naturopathic treatment means you are ready to make dietary and lifestyle changes, that will benefit you in the short term, as well as set in place the foundations for life -long health, and disease prevention.

  • Christine's  approach is down-to-earth, sensible, and achievable… no extreme diets or mountains of pills to swallow. A Naturopathic consultation typically takes 1 – 1.25 hrs, and your diet, digestive function, sleep, stress levels, hormones, physical activity, and energy levels will be discussed. We offer support, education, and expert guidance – to get you well, and keep you there.

  • Association Memberships:
    Christine is a Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (5946).
  • Qualifications:
    Bachelor of Natural Medicine
    Diploma of Naturopathy
    Diploma of Homoeopathy
    Diploma of Herbal Medicine
    Diploma of Nutrition
    Diploma Remedial Massage
    Senior First Aid
    Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment
    Certified Practitioner - DAN (Defeat Autism Now) & MINDD

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